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Add more room, add more style.

Uncompromised style
Designed with you in mind

Uncompromised style and quality.

Designed to be spacious, made from locally sourced materials and finished to the highest possible standards, our premium quality Huts provide you with that additional room or office you require.

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Needing an extra room
Giving kiwi’s room to move.

Needing an extra room, but still want it to look good?

All huts feature hardwearing carpets throughout, a steel exterior, and a covered entrance area. We have chosen Garapa hardwood for the decking, which offers a gorgeous golden tone against the matte black exterior and joinery. We love the sleek modern style of our huts, but it's the superior quality that we're really proud of.

Designed with you in mind, our larger-than-usual Huts feature a surprisingly roomy layout. Depending on stock availability, our huts can also be requested to have a left or right angled roofline and larger windows. Typical wait times range from 1 week if in stock, up to 4-6 weeks if we need to manufacture a Hut for you.